Drabble: Real by Anne E. Johnson

by specklit

Recker, Kung fu and pistol master, was Jayne’s avatar in Reign of Goodness, which she played ten hours a day. In the game, Recker loved Demo, a dashing wizard.

The love felt real, and Jayne longed for a real-life meetup with whoever played as Demo. “Maybe he’s twelve,” she laughed, “or a fortyish man in Mama’s basement. Or a woman. It doesn’t matter. Demo’s player is my last chance for R.L. love.”

Jayne hacked the gaming company’s database to find her lover’s identity. No such avatar existed. Smiling, she sighed, “It’s proof that the game world is my true R.L.”

Author’s note: I thought it would be fun to condense the endless hours of this woman’s gaming into a hundred-word search for love.

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