Drabble: Academic Rivalry by Gary Cuba

by specklit

Professor Rolfson invited his academic rival, Schmidt, to visit his estate, ostensibly to reveal a new discovery. They went into the garden, where Rolfson proudly displayed his novel rose hybrid.

“Very nice,” Schmidt said. “But I don’t understand why you persist in these mundane pursuits. With my new research, we can genetically create pigs that fly, cows that produce gasoline, sheep that excrete fine cloth. And you only cultivate roses.”

“Not so, my friend.” Rolfson pointed behind Schmidt.

The Venus Fly Trap was gigantic, and when it snatched him up, Schmidt realized just how much Rolfson had always hated him.

Author’s note: I am not an academician, but I suspect many of them have these kinds of wish-fulfillment daydreams.

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