Drabble: Heads or Tails by Sierra July

by specklit

Flipping coins was Blake’s job. Blake flipped for Bill Bamboozle, pleasing crowds with disappearing coins.

One day, his coin did vanish. Desperate, he searched the tent grounds for another. He was elated when he found one. Unusual with dragon head on one side, tail on other, but a coin was a coin.

On stage, Blake asked an old woman in the audience, “Heads or tails?”

“Tails,” she said. Blake flipped.

“Tails,” Blake confirmed.

The woman rose screaming, but not a yay-I-get-to-participate scream. From the seat of the woman’s trousers spouted three tails.

Mr. Bamboozle scrutinized Blake. Blake could only shrug.

Author’s Note: I was staring at a coin when I thought of this story, thinking what if answering heads or tails had serious consequences. I just had to set it in a circus, such a magical yet terrifying place.

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