Drabble: The Find by Gary Cuba

by specklit

The dig foreman raced into the base camp, breathless and sweaty. “Señor Henderson, come quickly! We’ve found something!”
Despite the many disappointments he’d suffered over the years, Professor Henderson allowed his heart to light up. No one dug in the Sonoran Desert; it was a fool’s pursuit–so they’d all said. He felt differently.

They reached the dig site and the elderly archeologist descended into the latest test pit.

“What’ve you got, Manuel?”

“Ancient treasure, Señor! Look!”

Henderson took the garishly colored object from the digger’s trembling hands. He sighed. “It’s crap. Just more cheap, imported plastic crap. Keep digging!”

Author’s note: What will future archeologists seek within our own strata of history? I think they will all be disappointed and disheartened.

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