Drabble: Blink by Maggie Denton

by specklit

I knew that I had died. My body was lying in a widening pool of rainwater and blood, the casualty of a hit and run. I hovered above the road and surrounding fields.

“So this is what death is. It’s actually pretty cool, but what now?”

Even though I no longer had eyes, I was able to blink out the scene. When I perceived it again, I saw a coastal city and a large swathe of ocean.


The blue-green orb of Earth looked just like a fortune-teller’s ball.


A trillion stars.

“Interesting! But what now? Where to?”


Author’s note: I banged my head hard once on something and momentarily was looking down on my own body.

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  1. This is beautiful. I just wish the ending wasn’t so abrupt. There’s a certain sincerity to it, but it could have been very graceful as well.

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