Drabble: Heavenly Complaints by Gary Cuba

by specklit

Dear Mr. Jehovah,

I am a new occupant of Heaven. In my brief time here, I’ve noticed various problems.

I am saddened that you appear to be incognizant of all that happens under Your Holy Nose, such as cheapjacks selling shoddily constructed wings and halos, unfulfilled cloud-smoothing services, nonfunctional devices which purport to facilitate communication with still-living loved ones below, etc. Shysters and scammers abound here!

Unless you attend to this, Sir, I may be forced to seek residence elsewhere.

Jacob Tweedy, Esq.


Dear Mr. Tweedy,

Have a nice trip and watch out for that door behind you.

Author’s note: I once heard someone remark: “If gold rings started raining down from the heavens, some folks will complain that they couldn’t find one to fit.” I wish I knew the original source for that. Nevertheless, I have a plaque on my kitchen wall that says: “Happiness is wanting what you get.” True ’nuff.

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