Drabble: A Day at the Beach with Mandi Sue by Gary Cuba

by specklit

Mandi Sue giggled as she ran along the surf’s margin, her luscious, bouncing breasts threatening to pop free from her bikini top. Ken chased after her, pretending to be too slow to catch up.

“Almost gotcha, Mandi!”

He tripped in the sand and went down hard, cracking his Virt-chip implant.


Mandi stopped and turned. “Poor baby! Are you okay?”

Ken looked in dismay at the disgusting, ropy liquid that oozed over him, the purple haze of pollution that stretched from horizon to horizon, and the refuse-strewn beach.

Then he looked at Mandi Sue, the most horrific sight of all.

Author’s note: The epitome of weltschmerz–the sudden realization that the world ain’t what you thought it was. A concept explored exquisitely by P. K. Dick. And for all the fans of the movie Matrix: would you take the blue pill, or the red pill? Unfortunately, the choice is not always there for us. Me, I haven’t been quite the same since Walt Disney died.

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