Drabble: Aaron by Lela Maria De La Garza

by specklit

Aaron was buried at sea, his body consigned to the deep, soul to a merciful God. Though he had been a bad man, drunken and blasphemous, cheating at cards, thieving from his shipmates.

Caught stealing one night, he’d fallen on his own knife—at least officially. Davy Jones, a skeleton with a pirate hat, hobbled over to look at Aaron’s canvas-wrapped body. “Not interested.” And went back into his locker.

Aaron wanders different ships, watching card games he can’t cheat at, seeing bits of money and jewelry he can’t pilfer—a sad, lonely ghost in a sad lonely hell.

Author’s note: When I first learned about these hundred word stories, I found the idea intriguing. In fact, I decided to do an entire book of drabbes, writing one every day for a year; then selecting those I thought were good enough to be published. Then my interest waned, other projects took my time, and I just quit in mid drab-

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  1. This one is very evocative. Nice!

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