Drabble: Royal Beauty by Anne E. Johnson

by specklit

A message came from the Agrantels, Earth’s new allies: “Help! Zherans kidnapped our beautiful Princess!”

Commander Rodgers led his Lightspeed Troops from Earth to Zhera. Picturing this Princess´s delicate features, he daydreamed of her swooning at his heroism. But at the coordinates they found no princess, only a cavern splattered with oily slime.

Saddened, Rodgers sent a message: “Princess devoured by horrid viscous substance. Condolences.”

As the Lightspeed Troops headed home, the Agrantels responded: “Extreme fear turns Agrantel bodies viscous. You left our Princess behind. Worse, you called her horrid. We break our allegiance and hereby declare war against Earth.”

Author’s note: Royal Beauty was my attempt to condense the largest things I could think of (war and space travel) into a tiny format.

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