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Drabble: Revisionist by Michael D. Winkle

by specklit

When we finally built a time machine, everyone cheered. Unfortunately, history proved to be depressing. Mighty heroes turned out to be total dicks. Great cities of ancient civilizations were open sewers. And Cleopatra had halitosis.

The Spinosaurus we dropped into Ninth Century France livened things up, though. It was recorded in some epic poem as a marauding dragon.

Next we dumped a nine-foot Gigantopithecus in northern California. Caused quite a stir. I suggested a Plesiosaur in Loch Ness, but Dr. Llewellyn says the water’s too cold.

“But,” he added, “a Cenozoic proto whale . . .”

Who says history can’t be fun?

Author’s Note: This harks back to the Science Fiction Writer’s Handbook, by L. Sprague de Camp, which suggested we give thought to the B.O., grime, sewage, and other unpleasant things we’d find if we could actually travel back in time.

Drabble: Electronic Voice Phenomena by Michael D. Winkle

by specklit

Phil played a CD called “Thrilling Haunted House Sounds.”

“I don’t like Halloween,” said Arlene. “Not since that night in the old Foley place… when Chris disappeared.”

“Come on, he left for LA, like he’s always planned,” said Phil.

Dennis examined the CD case.

“Listen: ‘The voices on this album are genuine auditory phenomena recorded at actual haunted sites.’”

Moans and cackles echoed over the party. Phil snorted.

“Real ghost sounds. What a load of –“

He dropped his beer as a familiar voice yelled: “Help! Phil – Dennis – it’s got me! Phiiilll…”

“I don’t think Chris made LA, Phil,” said Dennis.

Author’s Note: Just an idea I had after reading too many ghost stories.

Drabble: A Very Long Bereavement – by Melinda Selmys

by specklit

The star was born far enough away that there was no chance it would ever be seen by human eyes. A slowly coalescing ball of gas at the heart of a distant nebula. It was just a baby, in star terms, when the girl in Birmingham reached out to it with her mind and captured its celestial affections. A flash like a sunburst. Bonding. All the aching, burning love that ignites the great lights of the universe. But she was gone in a twinkle of star-time and the newborn star cooled, dimmed, grieving. Inconsolable, it wept for a billion years.

Author’s Note: I have a thing for impossible, timeless and unrequited love.

Drabble: Like a Diamond – by Erin M. Hartshorn

by specklit

Kelly saw diamonds raining from the sky and tugged her mother’s hand. “Look, Mom, look! Can I make a wish?”

“Not now, darling. I’m trying to listen to the news.”

Kelly didn’t understand why anyone would care about things like exploding false payloads and nanobots and drones when the stars were out in the daytime, sprinkling diamond dust over everything. Maybe if she caught some, she’d get her wish of Mom listening to her? She let go of Mom’s hand and grabbed the doorknob.

Instantly, Mom was holding her. “No, we have to stay inside. Maybe your wish will help.”

Author’s Note: Every night, I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to my daughter.

The Best Of SpeckLit 2nd Quarter Winners & 3rd Quarter Voting

by specklit

From April to June, 2014 we published some fantastic stories (as always), but there were three that stood out in our readers’ minds. The top Reader Choice story from the 2nd Quarter of 2014 was:

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The Best of SpeckLit 3rd Quarter 2014

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